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1.37 WHIP for a reliever isn't very good. In the second half Arredondo had a 4.21 ERA and a 1.558 WHIP. He was pretty bad in the second half. Maybe he'll rebound, but I wouldn't bet the Reds' season on it.

As for the "best bullpen in the league" last year, it might have been when you include Chapman's 15.3 Ks per nine innings; his .809 WHIP; his 1.51 ERA in 71.2 innings. Take those stellar numbers out, I don't agree.

Frankly, other than Chapman and Marshall, I though the bullpen was just ok. I don't think Lecure, Simon, Ondrusek, an injured Bray, and Arredondo is a particularly good pen.

Hoover could be good, he was in AAA most of the year. Broxton helped, but he's a FA.

You think that's enough without Chapman? I don't.

Without Chapman, I think another healthy solid late inning guy is imperative.
I imagine most teams' bullpens aren't very good if you disregard their two best pitchers.