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It isn't what I consider a strike. It is what the rulebook considers a strike. You know that blacks weren't allowed in the game at one time. It had always been that way. They changed the baseball at one time. They added helmets. They added MORE umpires. They changed the rules on a home run (ground rule doubles used to be home runs). They changed the rules on the height of the mound. Baseball has changed a whole lot and 99% of it has been for the better of the game.

The rules of the strikezone are an exact measurement. It shouldn't fluctuate based on how someone catches the ball (outside of the strikezone BTW). It should only fluctuate based on the height of the batters knees and the batters upper strikezone point. Not because someone is a rookie. Not because someone said something to the ump. Not because someone looked at the ump funny. Not because someone is a veteran pitcher.
And all that is baseball. Including umpires and their strike zone.