Lets discuss.

1. The Miami Marlins are apperantly in "fire sale" mode and are looking to rebuild.

2. There owners and there entire organization seems to be clueless clowns.

3. Gin Carlo Stanton aka Mike Stanton tweeted that's he's very upset with the Marlins FO for committing this trade.

Now the Marlins have said BEFORE they aren't interested in trading Stanton..That said, I'm sure if the price is right they would probably bite the bullet (if the toronto mega deal is any indicator).

Now, we know the obvious. Stanton is a MEGA talent. 5 tool player, who had 37 bombs playing in a gigantic stadium in Miami. The stats he could produce in GABP would be nothing short of insane.

What if Bruce were to be involved?

Could a potential Bruce + Stephenson + Hamilton not get things done? If not at least stir up the pot?

Because, inserting a 1-2 punch of Votto and Stanton could be a thing of beauty to witness.