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My thoughts are as a smaller market team, you take 500k fliers rather than going an extra year or overpaying for a $6-7M guy.

I'm not saying sign him, guarantee a roster spot and slot him in the leadoff spot. I'm saying bring him to spring training and if he doesn't work out, no harm done
As a general rule, I would agree that smaller market teams have to take 500K fliers on players. In this case I would disagree for two reasons. Firstly, I don't think Figgins is the player you want to take a flyer on. Over the past two seasons, I don't feel he has shown any major-league level skills offensively or in the field. Secondly, if a small-market team is at the cusp of grabbing the brass ring they should proceed accordingly and shell out a little extra. That window is not staying open indefinitely. I know that is easy for me to say since it is not my money. I just think it would be wise.