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HRod is most likely the best proven contact hitter in the Reds' minor league system (although admittedly they don't have a lot of those). And contact hitters tend to be good OBP hitters, and the Reds' offensive is starving for that kind of hitter (actually more than one). I have little concern regarding his .244 avg in 51 post-injury games in AAA last season because of the fracutred hand/thumb injury. My only concern would be if HRod had some lingering effect from the injury - which I'm assuming won't be the case. Otherwise, he's a little young; but I think all the Reds development people are confident he can hit - and I mean probably hit right now in the big leagues for a better average than anybody on the team not named Votto or maybe Phillips and Hannigan. The biggest issue with HRod is that he doesn't have a defensive position for which he is ideally suited. His bat would traditionally fit better at 2B, but apparently 3B is a better defensive position for him (although he's apparently only adequate there). So, the defensive side of things may well hold him back from becoming an everyday starter, especially as early as next season - but I would bet that it won't be because of his offensive.
I'm not CONCERNED about his .244 average. I'm more concerned about the lack of experience above AA. I was responding to a post saying give him 150 games and he would hit .300+. I'm just saying temper the expectations a bit, that's all. I'm not saying he's crap, I'm not saying he'll never be a great on base guy. I'm saying not yet.