I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but the more I look at it the more I'm convinced that the Reds CF/lead-off answer is clearly in the Twins organization. They have two great options - Span and Revere - that I would be very happy with heading into next season. Plus it's not like they have to be conviced to make a trade. After the dismissal season they just had the Twins are intent on make multiple trades this off-season, because, like the Reds, they often have a difficult time getting what they need via free-agency due to payroll constraints. Also, the Twins have CFs stacked on top of each other. They absolutely want to trade (and will in fact) trade at least one them. In fact, the Twins are already looking ahead to 2014 and beyond and therefore could even trade both Span and Revere because they have I believe 3 other CF options very close to being ready. One such option in particular is considered a stud CF prospect (Aaron Hicks).