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I don't think that price is too crazy. It's certainly not going to lose any value, it's only going to go up. And you have a large enough collection that you could always sell other items and quickly/easily make that up if you wanted to.
If I lose, it won't be too bad. I've seen three others go on ebay for more, so hopefully at worse it is a step sideways. I honestly don't care. You live once, I want a Dylan more than anything, it's cheaper to get one that you love and then you won't keep buying lesser pieces to make up for it.

And yes, I'm selling other stuff. I have a whole slew of stuff I could probably get $100 or so for people I don't give a hoot about.

I'm thinking about letting my Michael Jackson go. I feel sort of icky hanging onto it, to be honest.

I also just purchased an original Springsteen paste up poster advertising for his famous run at The Bottom Line. It;s signed by him and three E Streeters.

I'll never get it completed, but it's pretty cool. I just cared abour Bruce's signature, the rest is a bonus. Danny Federici, Bittan, Tallent.

It's poster size and the signatures were gotten back in 1975. It's super cool. If I could post pics I would.

I also got a Foreigner 4 and an Agent Provaceteur record signed by Lou Gramm- they didn't cost me anything, a friend in Rochester got it for me.

As well picked up a Joan Jett/Shepherd Fairley signed print that is really cool. Love that woman.

I'm trying to really reduce the size of my collection (sounds like it I know lol) so I only have stuff I care about. Lots to unload and I need to get on that.