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The dude is still only 26 years old. I know he has been around the Reds forever but he is ONLY 26 years old. If he stays a 2-3-4 in the rotation, he's done more than most guys who were projected to be "aces".

Also, he could easily pitch at a 2-3 level for the next 12 years...he hasn't even started yet.

Tell me he wasn't rushed to the Reds...he was...and now he is figuring it out.

Sorry, I know it sound slike I am jumping all over you but I really do not mean to, I just read that and thought "wow, 26 years old and he is supposed to have everything figured out...wow".
Could not agree more. People have gotten tired of waiting for Homer to become what he was supposed to become but everybody forgets how early he was rushed to the bigs. He was nowhere near ready and I think that's only pushed him further back due to it hurting his confidence. Just my 2 cents of course.