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I'd offer Chapman, Leake, Mez, and Corcino.
Now that would be an overpay.

I think we've started to undervalue Leake around here. He's a high quality #4 starter (#3 on some teams). Only 99 pitchers were able/allowed to through 150 IP this year, Leake among them. That's not an insignificant fact.

We sometimes forget the value of simply being a proven, healthy major leaguer. Add in cheap and those don't grown on trees.

I'd LOVE to have Stanton, but we can't simply ignore the downside risk too. Sure, he could be a perennial MVP candidate. But what if he's just a 4 WIN player for the next 3 years?

Mes is more valuable than Billy Hamilton (I would argue). No way do I add Leake and Corcino to my Chapman/Hamilton offer.