On a whole, it was a great year in baseball. I want to know what everyone learned or observed this season. Here's what I learned:

1. Just like that ugly monstrocity in centerfield in Miami, the Marlins continue to have a joke of an ownership.

2. Melky Cabrera still wants to thank all of the fans.

3. Bryce Harper obviously doesn't like clown questions.

4. Mike Trout is rather studly.

5. Joey Votto solidified himself as the best pure hitter in baseball, even with limited play.

6. We can argue whether or not a Triple Crown is worthy of MVP status but it was still very impressive and fun to watch a player achieve something that hasn't happened since the 1960's.

7. Chris Carpenter still can't explain some things to his son.

8. Darwin Barney "evolved" into one of the best defensive players in the game.

9. Apparently, the infield fly rule applies if you try to catch a ball half way in the outfield.

10. Billy Beane pulls another great team out of his you know what.

11. The collapse of the Red Sox still makes me smile.

12. The Cubs are still an epic fail of a franchise.

13. Arguing whose better between Chapman and Kimbrel is like arguing that a Lamborghini is better than a Ferrari.... kind of pointless. Both are gods.

14. Ryan Ludwick proves that he still had something in the tank.

15. I will miss you, Houston Astros. Have fun in the AL West.

16. Never ever, for the love of god, count out the Giants.

17. The Ralley Squirrel must have died.

18. Matt Holliday is still underrated league wide.

19. Jeter still has a lot to offer the Yankees.

20. Teddy Roosevelt finally won a race!