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We could conceivably get our left fielder without trading any starters but rather position players and relievers or even lower-level starters. Or even signing a FA. I see no need to basically tell a guy to pack his bags...we'll find someone to trade him for soon enough. Seems to be working the problem from the wrong angle. Just my opinion.
We seem to hold many similar opinions until we get to this point. As an aside, I agreed with your Matt Maloney comparison to Redmond, much more than Lehr. Both Maloney and Redmond can strike minor leaguers out, which Lehr could never do. Redmond and Maloney are guys who can win you a game with a good rest of the team in the bigs, Lehr cannot.

Anyway, back to the main point. What would you give to get an impact bat in left field that does not include a starting pitcher? What position players could you trade? Mesoraco while his value is at a four-year low? Hanigan when Mesoraco hasn't proved he can play everyday in the bigs? Certainly not Votto, Phillips, Frazier or Bruce, right? Cozart could have some value, but are you ready to roll with Didi every day? I'm not. You could trade Didi, but he is just a side piece and certainly not the centerpiece. Heisey, Paul and Stubbs have next to no value. You could trade Soto, but he is a throw in piece and not even a side piece. I don't think there is anything we could deal position player wise to help get a left field bat outside of Billy Hamilton. Billy could be a centerpiece, but both the Marlins and Royals would need much more to deal.

Furthermore, relievers have next to no value in trades. Let's remember we got Hoover for just Juan Francisco next year. I think Corcino, Cingrani and to a lesser extent, Lotzkar have value. However, Corcino + Cingrani + Lotzkar + position players/relievers still isn't enough for Myers or Stanton. Maybe if you include Billy Hamilton. I believe you would need to give up Leake + at least two of Corcino, Hamilton, Cingrani and Lotzkar to get the Royals/Marlins to consider a deal.

I metion Myers and Stanton frequently because they are not too expensive $ wise (Myers is in fact almost free) and would be under Reds' control for at least three years, which give them a lot of value. I don't want to deal away all of my pitching depth.

As for FA, if the Reds have money to sign Ludwick and still also upgrade CF, great. If not, we need to look to do something in the trade market.

It's not like I really want to see Leake off this team ASAP. I just think he has more value starting every fifth day for a team looking to rebuild than he does sitting in Louisville. If the Royals/Marlins like him and some of our minor leaguers enough, let's make a deal. If not, okay. I don't want Walt to give it all away for either of the two, but if a reasonable deal can be worked out. I would like to see Walt pull the trigger.