The biggest reason I want Chapman as a starter is the playoffs, hated seeing the Reds blow the last 2 games without Chapman throwing a meaningful pitch.

As a starter he'll cap at what 150 next year? What are the odds of us going two years in a row with all starters getting a ton of starts (though I do believe their health was aided by a great bullpen)?

Cueto, Latos, Bailey, Arroyo - All about 200 Innings planned

Chapman/Leake - combine for 260 Innings planned sharing starts and going 8/9 innings every game. That gets Chapman say 140 or a little bit more than 4 IP / game (gives time to develop stamina, as well as time to develop third pitch), keeps him fresh for playoffs. Leake has a planned every 5 days about 120 IP, and can slide on in if another starter goes down. Also helps lineup construction for Chapman / Leake.

I would piggyback most young starters, helps smooth bullpen taxing, and build condfidence, I think it would be perfect for Cingrani to do something similair in 2014