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I think I have to agree. I've had more faith in Stubbs than most players, but I think it's more complicated than the Reds trying to force him to be a leadoff guy.
I think the league adjusted to him.
Stubbs had that great surge at the end of 2010, and has had flashes occasionally for a couple of days, but I think the league has figured him out.
That said, Stubbs is supposedly working with a personal batting coach over the winter.. Maybe he'll be able to adjust over the winter.. I'm sure he and the Reds know the weaknesses to address.
It always seemed like whatever plan he had a the plate was foiled each time. He's thinking 1st pitch slider, watches a meatball down the middle, 0-1. From there its goodnight. Swinging first pitch, it's in the dirt 2 feet away. Oy.