So many are talking about Chap going into the starting rotation and pointing out that we may have some SP to trade.

What about this. It is a deal on his innings and we certainly don't want to be stuck with a Stasburg. This is one instance I would be ok with a 6 man rotation. Even if someone goes down a short while just go to 5 and when everyone healthy go to 6. It's just a thought, but I like the idea of Chapman starting, but he won't throw 200 innings. Limit his pitch count to say 80. If he goes 4 innings so be it or if he goes 7 innings then great. It's not about the innings it's about how many pitches.

If the situtaion dictates a tight race in Sept. and say one of the starters is sucking then skip them. It's all flexible. If there is one things I've learned in baseball is that you don't have to win every game to make the playoffs. It's very important how you are playing going into the playoffs, and pitching wins championships.

What I like about the idea is that you have much flexibility and can use off days and manage around it. I would pitch chapman 5th and put Leake 6th so if you had a problem with Chap going out in the 2nd or 3rd you have a starter right behind him to go into the 7th. Then you are back in to your regular rotation.

Just a random thought I would be interested to seeing what folks thought.

Go Reds.