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My guess is that you have never watched Stephenson pitch then. Cingrani or Corcino I get. Not sure I would pull the trigger, but I would get where someone else would. But Stephenson is in a different boat. He is a different breed.
I have seen Stephenson pitch a couple times. I think he is a special talent, a different breed. That being said, he is at least three years away from contributing. While I don't think the Reds should sell the whole farm to win now, I do believe that we can trade some future value for some present value.

The Reds have a gaping black hole in centerfield, this we both agree on. I would try to deal Cingrani first, and if that wasn't a better offer than Meyer, I would then offer Corcino, if the Twins said I need Stephenson, I would still pull the trigger.

I can't judge Walt on his off-season for a while, but if Corcino or Cingrani or Stephenson could have got us Span in July, I am very upset Walt did not pull the trigger then. I legitimately think the difference between Span and Stubbs is the difference between at least a playoff series win and a first round exit.