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I think Rolen has to be considered a great move.

Yep. And another thing to consider.. After the Reds won the division in 2010, there was a lot of young talent to sort out. The Reds used 2011 to sort some of that out. Now true, they possibly missed the opportunity to "sell high" on some guys, but at the same time, they didn't foolishly count on Travis Wood to be an ace going forward or make other assumptions. They kept Janish around and bought in Valdez in case Cozart fell flat on his face.

Honestly, the slower deliberate style really paid off, as opposed to grabbing every available pitcher off possible and throwing them against the wall, hoping they'd stick.
I like Scott Rolen, but the trade to acquire him doesn't look like a great move at all. The trade paid off well for a couple months immediately after the trade, but since then it has been a huge steal for the Blue Jays. I would generously consider that trade a wash for the Reds.