I'm bored, and I saw them bantering about on the Sundeck what it would take to get him, and thought it might make for some interesting proposals.

They think the conversation starts with Hamilton. I don't do the deal if it does.

According to the Cincinnati Reds website, here are their top 20 prospects:

1. Hamilton
2. Stephenson
3. Cingrani
4. Corcino
5. Gregorius
6. Travieso
7. Lamarre
8. Lotzkar
9. Soto, Neftali
10. Wright, Ryan
11. Buckley, Sean
12. Greene, Brodie
13. Romano, Sal
14. Winker, Jesse
15. Cisco, Drew
16. Rodriguez, Henry
17. Rosa, Gabriel
18. Waldrop, Kyle
19. Rodriguez, Yorman
20. Garrett, Amir

I'm surprised Donald Lutz isn't on there. But oh well.

First off, I'd consider trading them Chapman, and not Hamilton. I'd love to not trade either. But if I trade them Chapman, then the rest of the compensation won't be that much.

1. Offer them 1 of either Leake/Bailey. If they're trying to keep down payroll, they choose Leake.
2. Ondrusek, Stubbs (throw-in).
3. Stephenson, Corcino, Gregorius, Lamarre, Lotzkar, Soto, Lutz, Yorman Rodriguez, Juan Duran.