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I agree. I'd be all for going after him...but I don't see Walt even looking into it.
That's more how I feel. It's like a pipe dream that won't even start because Walt and Bob will stay the course with how things are now. They see Billy Hamilton as the wonder kid, base-stealing leadoff man, and home grown developed talent. They see a multi-year $7M contract to Ludwick to play LF.

I don't see them thinking outside the box and even entertaining this idea.

Heck, I think Chapman/Hamilton might get it done. You might have to add Cingrani or Corcino or Stephenson, but I think that would get it done. The Fish might want an OFer to fill the void of Stanton, possibly Heisey.

If that deal is made, I re-up Choo on a multi-year deal and the team is set for years to come offensively, and the starting rotation is the same as last year's.