Anyone else play this? I've been playing it since last Spring.

I don't really get the equipment and player cards, but other than that, I have alot of fun with it.

I played an abridged full season and didn't make the playoffs my first time.

Then I deleted the app and reloaded it. Changed my lineup to have Votto batting second. I've made the playoffs. In fact, in best 3 out of 5 against Arizona, I won 3 and they won 1. I then played the Dodgers best 4 out of 7. I won 4, they won 1. I'm now in the World Series vs. the Yankees. Just won game 1, 5-3. Votto with a solo homer, and Hanigan with a 3-run dinger. Cueto started the game and gave up 1 run. Arredondo got me out of a jam then got me in one. Brought in Lecure, and he mostly got me out of it, but gave up 2 more runs.

Ichiro leads off for them.

A really fun game for those interested. Can be addictive. You control when you swing. And the pitching is the most fun. You control type of pitch and location. As the game goes on, your pinpoint location gets worse as your pitcher gets tired.

Let me know if anyone else out there plays it.