After reading that Eric Chavez plans to play next year, I started thinking that he might be part of the solution to the Reds' problems in 2013.

He still plays an acceptable third base and bats left-handed. In 2012 he hit .298 / .365 / .543 for a .908 OPS against RHP, and for his career he has a .869 OPS against righties. While Rolen has never had huge platoon splits, he still has hit LHP slightly better in his career. Both guys are older and have been injury-prone in the past, but for Chavez at least, it looks like his injury problems are behind him. It would be a roll of the dice, but I feel like these two could form a productive platoon at the hot corner. This assumes that Rolen returns for 2013, of course.

If I were Jocketty, I'd pursue this option assuming the Reds aren't able to re-sign Ludwick or acquire another big bat to play LF and hit cleanup. Frazier would slot in as the full time LF and Jocketty could pursue a cheaper option (payroll wise) to play CF and hit leadoff.

The lineup:

CF - Fowler / Crisp / Victorino (S)
2B - Phillips (R)
1B - Votto (L)
RF - Bruce (L)
LF - Frazier (R)
3B - Rolen / Chavez (R / L)
SS - Cozart (R)
CA - Hanigan (R)

What are your thoughts?