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I think what a lot of teams are looking for now are power arms and I don't know if you would describe Leake as a power arm, at least not compared to the other talent in the majors. There are a ton of young, up and coming power arms in the majors and I feel that if teams offer the chips they have, the Diamonbacks will look more favorably on those chips than Leake. For example (to keep it locally from my standpoint), if the Cardinals offered Shelby Miller and Trevor Rosenthal as part of a package for Upton, I'm willing to bet that the Diamondbacks take that package over a package the Reds offer with Leake. I can give you other teams prospects in the same type of scenario and the result would probably be the same.
I suspect Leake's change-of-pace arm would sit nicely in the DBack's power roto. Further his Arroyo-like career.