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Basically agree that the Reds should plan for Billy H in centerfield. I wouldn't drop a wad of money or a ton of prospects to fill CF.

But I just don't see why the Reds need to stick with Stubbs and Heisey even temporarily.

Why not, at minimum, trade one of them for a lefty hitter who gets on base, makes some contact and plays CF?

Even on a temporary basis, the current CF tandem just doesn't work. Heisey has zero plate discipline, his K/BB rate is very poor. Stubbs, more simply, has a major contact problem.

I really think Dexter Fowler is the solution, but only if a trade does not include Homer Bailey. If that's not possible, then I would agree that WJ seek a LH hitting CF until such time that (a) Hamilton is ready or (b) another option becomes available. There is nothing that says the Reds brass thinks Billy Hamilton will be ready to be the every day CF in 2013. I get not wanting to dive deep into the FA pool for a CF option, but don't understand why Hamilton has been christened as THE option for CF anytime soon. Drew Stubbs is clearly not the every day answer. How much are we willing to spend on a straight platoon partner in the coming years?