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His buddy Latos plays for the Reds. So why this is taking as long as it has is beyond me. The fact that teams are interested in him is great.. But who will give him playing time and a chance to win? If money is what he wants then take the said 3 Million extra annually. But don't say you want to stay here and then drag your feet. The organization wants you here, and you want to be here.. They should not be far apart then. Ludwick signed a contract last year and declined the option that would pay him 5 Million. So why not a 2 Year 16 Million dollar deal with year one being 7 and 2014 is 9 million?

I'm not a huge fan of the idea as I'd prefer a better option then a player who had one good season after quite frankly falling off the face of the baseball earth. But if the Reds are confident he can repeat an become a solid #4 hitter between Votto and Bruce.. So be it.
Apparently you guys don't know that Shane Victornio signed for $39 Million over 3 years so that's $13 Million Per Year.


Ludwick is going to want at least $10 Million per year... They say that he can get $3 Million More per year somewhere else... This is simple math.