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This topic is so overblown.

Sometimes fans have an idea that the ballclub flatly rejects. That's a reason for frustration. Here, the Reds are obviously strongly considering Chappy as a starter. So what's the complaint?

And the team won 97 games last year, if he winds up in the bullpen it isn't a tragedy. It's a formula that worked and if after a trial period the Reds conclude he belongs in the pen, so be it, he'll still help the ballclub.

I'm not yet a strong believer in Broxton, so I'm cautious in my view of his deal. But it's worth money to have a strong late inning bullpen. The idea around here that your key relievers somehow should spring from the earth - and be paid minimally - is not something I accept.

Most ballclubs would be thrilled to have Chapman on their teams, as a starter OR a closer. I feel that way, and if the Reds decide he should reliever, at least he's on the team playing an important role. That's all I ask.
We were 6 wins above our pythagorean expectation. I believe this to be because of the strong bullpen the team didn't let up runs when it really counted. Pythag is based solely on runs allowed and runs scored. B-R calls those six games "luck" but I call it a return from our investment...in a bullpen. We signed Broxton for quite a bit, but the Broxton that pitched for the Reds in '12 is worth that in todays game.

Like any big contract, and in this case, Chapman to the rotation, the proper evaluation of these moves can only be done in hindsight.