Obviously Upton is the Holy Grail of Arizona outfielders, but could either of these two lesser options be more realistic targets for the Reds? It seems that the D-Backs are really exploring dealing Kubel. He's a brick in the OF, but he does have favorable splits against RHP - though then we have the old lefty logjam in the middle of the order.

Parra also hits righties very well, plays excellent defense, and could be the ideal CF target. I believe he primarily plays LF, but he consistently grades so well defensively that perhaps expecting him to play center is reasonable. He would be the perfect platoon partner for Stubbs - Parra would be the starter with Stubbs filling in against tougher lefties.

Kubel makes 7.5M with a mutual option for 2014 - compared to the 4/40 Pagan got and the 3/30 Victorino is seemingly about to get, that seems pretty attractive. I wouldn't be surprised if Ludwick gets 10 million annually for 2 years, or held out for 3.

I imagine Didi would be enough to nab either. We might even be able to parlay him into bringing a few guys back. Though if Didi is too great a cost, maybe Ludwick is the better option after all. Just spit-balling here. I kinda like that we would be able to address the OF without losing pitching OR too much cash.