I'm sort of confused by this.

The reds won 97 games last year...and had plenty of "bad luck" games like the valdez passed ball between his legs against the astros that resulted in a loss.

If a few more games went the reds way, they surely could've reached the 100 game winning plateau and beyond.

The core of the team is still in tact..yes Ludwick might be gone, but last I checked he's an aging veteran who had a great year, in career of many downyears. He can easily revert back to his good old San Diego days in a heart beat.

Than there's all this talk for Upton, and Victorino, and every other lead off hitter imaginable. Honestly, why not just go the cheap route and just maybe get someone (like another had mentioned) like Eric Chavez, or maybe even Youklis to play 3rd base, and just have Fraizer move to leftfield if the reds can't sign anybody?

I know the reds need a leadoff hitter. But I think trading teams are well aware of this as well, and would surely spike the price up, and would have to start with Billy Hamilton and up. I just think that this team will go as far as it's pitching takes it...maybe add another solid bullpen piece? Maybe go after another starter?

I don't know, but for now, I think this team is alright standing pat as long as they make a few minor moves here and there. The core is still here. Chapman is still here. Cueto is still here. Latos is still here. Marshall, Broxton is still here. Votto, Phillips, Bruce is still here. The team is still here. So I truly don't see (unless it's a major injury prone season) why this same team can't win 90+ games again next year, without needed to make some blockbuster move, just for the sake of making a blockbuster move.