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Same guy as I suggested last year...Chad Rogers. Not sure why he is not getting his due credit. Donald Lutz is a good call too. I have not seem him yet but many say that Sal Romano could really come on, although it may take him a while to get there.

Selsky will be an interesting player to watch this season in light of his exceptional second half in a great hitter's environment. He is a good all-around ballplayer but not exceptional in any area. Comparisons to Heisey as a hitter may be valid but I do not think they are similar players defensively. Selsky has solid but not exceptional baseball skills in the outfield but he is nowhere near as athletic as Heisey. Not even close.
I had Rogers in my Top 15 prospects, so I am on board that train, so to speak. Needs a third pitch, but the two he has are ones I really like, even as a starter.

Not so sure with Lutz. Still really aggressive at the plate. Still needs some work in left. If he can't play left, he can't hit enough to be a first baseman.

I am also on the Romano train. I really liked the little bit I had a chance to see of him this year. I don't think this will be his breakout year, but I think he could be someone to really talk about one day.