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In his best hitting year on the road he had a .415 SLG, DRS was -10 this year and -21 in his career he could be playing in a park with no walls and he's still not getting balls he should. He's a sub par defender and is a question mark to what his offense is on the road that's something I don't like paying prospects for.
Look at Willy Taveras' defensive stats before, during and after Colorado. He is considered a GREAT defensive CFer. He was dramatically worse in Colorado than Houston or Cincy.

Defensive metrics are measured by dividing the field into zones and seeing how many balls hit in the zone are caught. Bottom line, huge park, less balls any CF can get to. Again, if you are going to knock his hitting for playing in a huge park, you can't knock his fielding for playing in that same park.

By no means do I think he's a great CFer, but he's more than adequate