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Fowler or De Asa? I wouldn't want Fowler at all. There are better options out there. Fowler strike out too much. How about these options:

Craig Gentry(TEX), Eric Young, Jr (COL), Michael Brantley (CLE) or Alejedro DeAsa (CWS)

All strike out about half as much as Stubbs - Brantley about 1/3
All have decent batting average splits
All are arbitration eligible this year or next
All could bat lead-off

If you are into Defensive Wins Against Replacement,
Gentry 1.9
Young 0.5
DeAsa 0.3
Brantley 0.2

Stubbs is 0.5

One of these should be attainable!
I agree these are some great options and all could be attainable. I personally think Brantley would be the perfect fit for our lead off role / CF if the Indians would let him go at a reasonable price. From rumors I have heard and read about, it seems like the Indians have been shopping Shin Shoo Choo around more than Brantley. While he is only a career .275 hitter, he adds another Lefty to our lineup and hits .300 against RHP.

He is under contract this year at league minimum and arbitration eligible through 2016. I think he could be the best option to improve our lineup depending on what we would have to spend to get him.