Wade Davis is going to the Royals to start make no mistake about it. The most similar player to him, according to baseball-reference.com, is Mike Leake. That's what he's going to be on the Royals, a #4/5 starter. And there are those out there who say he could get better. The Royals during this offseason took their most glaring weakness and made it into their strength. James Shields, Ervin Santana, Jeremy Guthrie, Wade Davis, and Bruce Chen/Luis Mendoza, that rotation can compete in the AL Central. And Shields, instead of pitching in the tough AL East, is moving to the AL Central where the Royals just finished 3rd with a staff that featured Luke Hochevar as their #2 starter. 2 proven Major League pitchers, one damn near elite at times, for players with much potential but little to no experience at the big league level. Good trade for both teams.