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Yeah, has anyone explained the rationale for the "Los" in front of "Rojos"? I'm glad others have brought that up. I don't mind marketing to the growing Hispanic population. I don't mind "Rojos" and I actually thought the unis looked fairly sharp.

But "Los" Rojos? I think what they did was just copy what the NBA does with "El Heat" and "Los Bulls" and all that stuff. Again, no need for the first word. The Miami Heat don't put "The Heat" on their regular uniforms. The Bulls don't put "The Bulls." (Although, they should look into using DaBulls, that would be awesome.) And the Reds don't use "The Reds." So, why the "Los" for the Spanish uniforms? I don't get it.

The rest of it I actually get. But that small detail is very strange to me.
Wait a second, are the Reds the first MLB team to do a Spanish jersey?