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I hated it, Randy! In my annual youthful trek to get the entire Topps set (one pack at a time) those windbreaker shots bothered me. It just looked "wrong" to me as a kid. As an adult it looks beyond "dorky" to me (like the uniform for the Tri Lambda softball team).

The only thing worse than the windbreaker... the painted-on hat. For those too young to know what this means... sometimes a player would get traded and Topps would not have a picture of that player in his new uniform. They would paint that new team's hat on that player. This was before photoshop and all that crap, so it was very obvious that it was a "paint job" (as my friends and I called it lol).

A funny site for bad baseball cards...
Topps officially called that technique, "Airbrushing," RFA1966. I'm with you. It usually was a bad paint job. I remember when Andy McGaffigan was traded to the Reds. His hat was airbrushed, and I thought, well, they should have airbrushed the mustache as well!

The thing I didn't like about the windbreakers was that occasionally, the jacket didn't match the uniform color. That was bad, particularly for a kid collecting cards.