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Cozart had over 30 doubles. Decent home run power. Great defense. Maybe he'll never get on base at a great clip, but I would say he's an above average shortstop. May Didi be better than him? It's possible. But is he likely to be so much better that we rue the day we made this trade? I highly doubt that. LOVE this trade so much. I don't even care about the downgrade in center defensively. We see the Cards sacrifice D for offense all the time, and more often than not, it's worked for them.
Honestly, I agree with Doug that Didi has a great shot at becoming an above average SS. Didi is a legit top 100 prospect.
But when is Didi going to be an above average prospect? Probably not in 2013 when we need it.
Cozart is a great solution now. I agree with you, the power makes up for the lack of OBP, especially since he'll be batting #7 or #8 now. I agree Cozart is above average.

I absolutely LOVE this deal. Choo was probably the best possible option to add (for the short term and long term). I'm stunned that it only took Stubbs and Didi to make it happen. I like Didi, but he's a reasonable price to pay.

Man, I'm glad we didn't get Span or Revere now
If this lineup stays healthy, it's going to terrorize the league next year.