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Jocketty-ing for position in his negotiations with Boras next offseason?
Not that you would necessarily disagree, but I think Walt's being frank, making it very clear that we're perfectly fine with Choo just being here one year. It's a can't lose proposition. If Choo performs as we anticipate he will, it gives us a clear lead off hitter even with the expected defensive drop off. And he will be a clear candidate to be tendered a qualifying offer. This year's number was $13.3M, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's $15M next year. If he accepts, we have him another year at an amount we'll have to work to shoehorn in to our budget (but one that I think is doable) and if he declines (every player offered this year, I think, declined), we get the draft picks.

And it does put Choo and Boras on notice that we don't need to keep him.