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The Reds could work Leake and Chapman as a tandem. Take every other start and then work long relief in between. Or Leake could start in the rotation with Chapman working long relief in the bullpen. If Chapman successfully stretches himself out during the first half of the season then he could step into a rotation slot in the second half (when one might open for health reasons).
I was thinking about a variation of this. Put Chapman in the rotation so that he gets accustomed to the schedule and preparation, etc., but severely limit his innings/pitches early on. He'd be going three or four innings and Leake would be his semi-automatic reliever. You could say that a bullpen spot is eaten up that way, but if Leake were able to take the game into the eighth or ninth--which he certainly should be--he would also spare a lot of bullpen innings. I do like the idea of Chapman throwing 100 mph twice through the batting order, then Leake following with his Arroyo-like assortment.