My rank.

15. Miami Marlins
14. Cubs
13. Rockies
12. Diamondbacks
11. Mets
10. Padres
9. Brewers
8. Pirates
7. Phillies
6. Cardinals
5. Dodgers
4. Braves
3. Giants
2. Reds
1. National

Central wise, no one scares me. The cardinals haven't really improved, and have lost a few minor pieces here and there. Plus they are aging.

The pirates, again, there a team that will rely on how far andrew mccuthchen, and there star pitching prospects take them. I'm not concerned with them either.

Everyone else in the central isn't a contender in my opinion.

NL West is intersting. Giants basically remain intact, and bring Brian Wilson back into the closing mix. They already had a great bullpen with Sergio Romo and closer, so the mix of Romo and Wilson should definitely be a powerful duo.

With the dodgers I remain skeptical. On paper there team is quite strong, they obviously have a great rotation with Kershaw, Greinke, Beckett. They have a great lineup with Gonzales, Kemp, Crawford and the likes..but I still think that you can't simply buy a team either. I think they'll be hot out of the gate once again, but injuries, and an underperforming beckett and greinke will be there downfall.

Arizona actually has regressed. They haven't made any improvements in my opinion so far, and were absoultely FLEECED in the indians/reds 3 way trade.

There GM, Mr. Towers should be fired if you ask me. Awful, awful, awful trade for them. The very Definition of clueless gm.

NL East should be a great place to watch. I really do think that the Nationals are the crowning jewel of the NL. They have an incredible staff with straussburg, gio, and haren and company, and have added a great lead off hitter in denard span.

There bullpen took a minor hit, but I'm sure they could make a move to shore that area up.

The braves are interesting, though besides BJ Upton, they haven't really done much to improve themseleves. With them losing Chipper Jones, I sort of expect to see a team that sort of needs guidance, and will be a bit mediocre in performance. To note, look how the team performed when Chipper was out of the lineup and on the DL with that strain. The team went like 5-15 without him...I expect them to be middle of the pack.

The braves did though improve there bullpen with aquiring Waldo from the angels. There bullpen will be lights out with Kimbrel and company following.

Phillies...they should be better, considering they underperformed mightly in 2012....and the moves they've made like adding Micheal Young aren't awful either.

NY Mets, I think they'll start off strong, and will quickly fade. Losing Dickey will probably result in a huge loss to there rotation. I expect them to battle the Marlins for cellar dweller seats.

Miami Marlins will be the Astros of 2012. 100 losses ahoy.