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I agree with folks who would like another late inning reliever.

I am not sure Paul is the best 5th OF. Maybe a CF who plays great defense would be useful to plug in late in games where we have the lead.
I also like the idea of bringing in a great glove for a competition for an outfield spot, but I honestly have Paul on square footing in this fight vs. Heisey. Paul clearly outperformed Heisey at the plate in 96 PAs last year (.314/.379/.465) albeit with a bloated .379 BABIP. Heisey's more reasonable .328 BABIP yielded a .265/.315/.401 line in 375 PAs. Heisey's career line of .259/.315/.438 in 909 PAs certainly beats Paul's .259/.308/.364 in 507 PAs. I just am kind of buying the narrative that Paul was a better ballplayer in 2012 than Heisey was, although that may be a function of a small sample size. Either way, let's bring in a legit defensive CF for a shot at an outfield spot and give Paul a shot to beat out Heisey for the other outfield spot.