Already thrilled with their trade for Shin-soo Choo, the Reds may be getting more good news.

Scott Rolen could be coming back for another year.

Rolen, who will turn 38 in April, seemed ready to retire when the Reds season ended with their playoff loss to the Giants. He was limited to just 92 games because of injuries, after playing only 65 games the year before.

But Rolen has now suggested to the Reds that he may want to go to spring training and give it another try, according to sources, and the Reds would be more than happy to give him a chance. The Reds believe he can help, on the field and especially in the clubhouse, where they value his leadership.

The Reds have given themselves other options at third base. Todd Frazier played 73 games there last year, and Wednesday the Reds agreed to terms with Jack Hannahan.
Would love to see rolen return...not as much as a player, but more of as a role model for the rest of the players. This team is definitely a special group that seems to gell very well together. Losing rolen, feels like a piece of the puzzle being taken least in my opinion.