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I think Rolen has enough in the tank that he would be more valuable to the team than just about anybody else in the Miguel Cairo role. The question is if Rolen would be willing to accept that role and that money.

It won't kill me if he's not with the team, but simply out of respect, if he wants to go to spring training, I think they should bring him.
My thoughts exactly.

I would be suprised if Rolen would return as a bench player at a greatly reduced salary. He is a borderline HOF candidate and I doubt he would want to be remembered at the end of his career as a bench player. Little things like that can sometimes affect a players HOF chances. Also he has young kids and I just would be suprised if he would want to spend so much time away from them when money is hardly a concern and he has nothing left to prove on the field.

Then again maybe he just loves the game and he wants to play. In another thread, so many feel like he is as responsible as any current player for what this franchise is today and I agree. So if he wants to come back as a bench player and can still do it then I agree we need to give him the respect of letting him try.