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I do not think Scott Rolen stopped Joey Votto's panic attacks. My guess is Votto was dealing with a lot of stuff, in the wake of his father's death and who knows what else, and my impression is that he was clear-headed enough to find ways to deal with it professionally and on his own, something that's not always easy for athletes, who are encouraged to show no sign of "weakness".

That's not to minimize the Rolen effect. I love him too, and I agree that things like Phillips's handling of the media absolutely smacks of his influence. But panic attacks and depression are not the kind of thing that are cured by a strong clubhouse presence. Joey Votto is today's Joey Votto because he is tough and had the courage to deal with his stuff instead of bury it. Maybe the fancy coffee helped too.
Good point and I agree. I was wrong to suggest that Rolen had any influence on Votto's panic attacks. In fact, I'm guessing Votto still suffers from them, as it is very rare for someone who suffers for them to ever stop suffering from them. And I am speaking from personal experience.

I should have said that Rolen likely has helped Votto deal with his panic attacks, and not let them affect him on the field. Thanks for the correction.