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Yeah I think it is a real stretch to claim that Scott Rolen had much if anything to do with making all those guys into star players. Scott Rolen is not Yoda. If his leadership was so magical why didn't his Blue Jay's teammates respond in a similar way? Why was 2011 such a bad season for the Reds with Yoda right there providing his leadership?

Scott Rolen had the good fortune of arriving in Cincinnati at the exact moment when a big crew of highly talented young players were breaking onto the scene, which confused some people into thinking that Rolen was the reason for those players' success. Some fans seem unable to distinguish the real cause and effect of the Reds' ascent into an upper echelon team. Rolen came to the right place at the right time. Considering the Reds paid him $27 million while he spent long stretches unable to play due to old age and really didn't play all that well when he was on the field, it was left to Rolen's excellent leadership to keep his acquisition from being a bust. The Latos and Chapman deals have been light-years more impactful on the team's success than the Rolen deal.
Yeah! Why would you believe that silly garbage, regardless of the fact that the players themselves made the same claims?!