Olney was on Mo's show this afternoon. Here are some of his comments. Keep in mind, this is from memory, so they won't be exact quotes.

In regard to Choo playing CF:
Olney said nearly all the experts he spoke with don't see Choo being able to play CF and fully expect the Reds to make a change during Spring Training and move Bruce to CF.

In regard to acquiring Choo to bat leadoff:
Olney thought it was a great move offensively. Thinks Choo is perfect for many reasons - good OBP, lefty that balances out the lineup, has some pop and base stealing ability, has hit well in GABP for his career.

In regard to Gregorius and what the experts think:
Olney said the majority of experts see Gregorius as a good glove, no-hit major league shortstop that most likely ends up a utility guy. He also added that most GM's and experts are shaking their heads at the D-Backs acquiring Gregorius.

In regard to Stubbs:
Olney said the Indians are excited about Stubbs and think he will improve offensively. To which Olney said the rest of the league's GM's and experts are shaking their heads wondering what the Indians are thinking???