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I think the drop off in CF won't be as big as people think. Stubbs looked good out there, but I was underwhelmed watching him every day. I especially grew tired of his repeated "shyness" on balls in front of him. Pulling up and playing a ball on the bounce when its 10 to 15 feet in the air and another step or two would be all he needs to record the out was a regular event. Choo may give up a gapper or two a month that Stubbs would get to, but he'll make up for on the dinkers in front of him IMO.

As for reading the ball off the bat, CF is by far the easiest position to play if you have the speed to play it. No grounders. No slices or hooks. A true read every time. He won't be Wily Mo or post injury Griffey out there. People are making it out like he won't ever catch a fly ball.
The ball certainly slices in center. It is just easier to notice than in the corners.

I think you may be underestimating the amount of gappers Choo gives up a month compared to Stubbs, particularly on the road. It wouldn't surprise me if it were one per series on the road and one every other series at home. Drew can flat out get it in the gaps.