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I'd like Sizemore too but I readsomewhere that he had surgery again recently and is very unlikely to be ready for the season.

If that's not true I'd love to have him as the backup CF, although with all his knee problems I wonder if he can still play CF.

JP Howell would be great. Mike Gonzalez would be an ok consolation.

I don't think we need another light hitting middle infielder. Jason Donald should be just fine. After that maybe they give someone like Brodie Greene or Devin Lohman a chance.
If Cozart goes down, I want a solid defender out there fielding the position every day. That isn't Donald, who would be barely better than Keppingeresque defensively as a day in, day out player at SS. Perfectly happy with Donald on the bench behind a healthy Cozart and Phillips, but I don't want him playing 9 innings at SS for more than a couple of days in a row. It would be a death blow to the pitching staff and, IMO, the extra outs would get teams deep into the Reds pen frequently. Izturis would be at AAA in case of emergency with minimum deal, a promise of a September a call-up and to not stand in his way if another team should have a similar need for him. He'd be the infield version of Corky Miller.