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If you're the opposing team, you feel more comfortable about coming back against Broxton or Cordero than you did Chapman. Last year when the Cards were down in the 9th, I was at the point of turning off the TV because it was over. Now, I'll watch with anticipation against a guy (Broxton) who've the Cardinals have had decent success off of. I would think that mentality goes for a lot of teams. Rather than facing a guy who is nearly unhittable, they are now more comfortable being down in the 9th against Broxton.
Nothing you have said is wrong, yet the stats suggest that you chances of coming back against Chapman are about the same as Broxton, Cordero or whoever.

Motte has the rep of blowing saves all the time, yet the fact is, while he blows saves by giving up HR's occasionally, he'll save you games 85% of the time.