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That said, I think it is also "within reason" for the most savvy front offices to save money by approaching bullpen construction in a different manner. And why not ask for perfection?
I think it's worth spending a little more on some bullpen guys to get a track record.
Obviously, every bullpen guy can't be making 7 million.

What happens if Broxton is not signed and then Hoover gets hurt or ineffective? We get a closer from Logan/Arrondo/Lecure/Simon .. no thanks.

We have plenty of wildcards in the bullpen that might or might not be good. Broxton is a good sign for some stablity. He makes the entire pen better (Part of that is allowing Marshall to stay in the setup role which he performs better in).

Maybe I'm nuts, but given the choice of Broxton/Stubbs or No Broxton/Choo.. I would seriously have to think about which one I'd prefer.