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If anything, it's probably the best time alive if you enjoy music.

I'm not even close to the oldest poster on here, but even as recently as 15 years ago, if you wanted to hear new music you had to either wait for something to be played on the radio, trade a physical mixtape with someone, or go to a Sam Goody/Tower Records and hope they had one of those "barcode scan to preview" machines available for the CDs being sold there.

I can buy music directly on my phone now. I can listen to 90 seconds of every song on the iTunes store to preview before I buy. I can download a program like Spotify and listen to any song I want on my computer (or my phone, for a monthly fee).

If anything, mainstream music has lost it's stranglehold on the market. It's bad (or perceived as bad) because it's become completely irrelevant.
Absolutely. If you are willing to actually work at it, this is a golden age for music, while the music business is in the turlet. Now if you just go by what the media feeds you then yeah, sure, there's nothing out there. Even rock oriented radio is garbage nowadays.