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I did use it.
Sure you mentioned his other value, but you HEAVILY weighted his OBP to the point you couldn't seem to get past it. Your short above quote has forced me to actually pull the quotes.

But will he be able to acquire someone who can actually play shortstop at the MLB level if Cozart continues to OBP .290?
Might be a mistake. 27 years old. Career .290 MLB OBP.
Projects to be better than our current shortstop. Who was a league average player this season. The days where every shortstop hits like Tulo are over.
I can't believe the amount of people who don't find concern in a 27 year old with a career .290 OBP being a starter. Yes, he has things he brings to the table that are certainly good.
First, Cozart was 12th in WAR for SS in fWAR (2.7). He had a 2.4 bWAR. (I'm not smart enough to figure out where he ranks on that site. )

My point being, he was an above average SS last season due to his glove and a bit of pop in his bat. If the league and Cozart replay themselves at the SS position for the next 5 years, I'd be happy. If you are expecting him to decline, that's one thing. But it seems you are looking at his woeful OBP and decided that he needs replaced.

You are correct that his OBP stinks. But no offense, but it just seems that you are missing the big picture on him, to the point you shrug off his WAR as an anomaly.