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Oh, I would have loved you, Roy.

That first Flying Burrito Brothers album is still so good. That whole second side, especially both the Hot Burritos, the songs are just so strong structurally and so well done. Gram's voice, the pedal steel guitar...I don't know the second album as well, but that first one is almost perfect.

edit: For the record, I'm pretty sure that hearing Parsons sing "I'm your toy, I'm your old boy, and I don't want no one but you to love me" at an impressionable age set me back on the healthy relationship track by at least 10 years.
I agree with you about Parson's influence, however I believe that even without him the country twang sound would have found rock n roll sooner or later, Willie's Red Headed Stranger in itself was likely the biggest example of the stark country sound without the strings that prominent of that era or the Hee Haw hokum that was in the business... but I digress.