Before all the bashing starts, THIS IS JUST FOR FUN, PEOPLE. Okay? The same topics have been up for weeks, and thought it might be nice to have something to have fun with.

I realize he is signed through 2017 for $51M and the Pirates would be stupid to trade him. I also realize that the Reds have Choo and then have Hamilton on the way. I realize this is as far-fetched as it comes. But the Pirates just put Hanrahan, their closer, on the market since he's arb eligible and gonna get a pay raise. So what if you could overwhelm the Pirates with an offer? This has about the same chance as obtaining Giancarlo Stanton. But just for fun, okay?

I guess the first question is: If you COULD get McCutchen, who would you rather have for CF - Hamilton or McCutchen (seems like a no-brainer to me)?

Second question: What would it take in trade to get McCutchen?

I'm guessing it obviously would start with Hamilton.

Hamilton, Stephenson, Corcino, Neftali Soto, Ondrusek, Rogers

Whew. 3 potential major league starters. 1 major league reliever, minor league closer experience. 1 potential major league first baseman with power. And the prize prospect of the Reds and one of the top in MLB. Is it too much or too little? Might have to throw in Lutz. Not sure I would do it. It would decimate the Reds farm system to a point.

Edit: Everytime I see the Pirates looking to cut payroll or trade a key piece, I feel so sorry for McCutchen. Same goes for Stanton in Miami. Two good to great players who are stuck on bad teams. It's a shame. McCutchen probably signed that deal thinking the Pirates were seriously going to try and contend.